How long have Aspire Addiction Recovery Centers of Texas been open?
We opened our first program in 2008.
How much do Aspire services cost?
Since we offer a wide range of services in multiple locations, the prices vary. We can guarantee that we usually are priced at half or less than most of our competitors who are often not accredited or as qualified as we are. We also are in-network with most insurance companies, which reduces costs significantly. Call us to find out more.
Who operates Aspire Addiction Recovery Center?
We are owned and operated by people in recovery who started with nothing and built this company from the ground up. We love what we do and have not lost focus of why we do it. In an era of big business invading the treatment industry, we try to maintain a personal feel where every client is treated like family.
Does your staff include people in recovery from addiction?
Our staff has a combined 100 years in recovery.
How many years experience does your staff have?
Our staff has over 180 years of working in treatment experience. This includes Psychiatrists, Phds, Multiple LPCs, LMSWs, LMFTs, LCDCs, and Peer Recovery Coaches. We also employee multiple staff who have served as clinical directors at various nationally recognized treatment centers.
Does Aspire provide Residential or Inpatient Treatment?
Not exactly. What we provide is a hybrid of Sober Living and Outpatient Clinical services. These services are combined to provide a similar level of care at a significantly lower cost. If a person is medically stable, we make every attempt to begin slowly stepping them down into the real world. With our model a person can receive 6 months of treatment for less than it would cost for 30 days at a conventional private treatment center. This is a great option for individuals who are highly motivated, just need a step down program, or who have relapsed and need to get back on the right track. Individuals with high acuity should still seek out inpatient programs.
Is this a 12-step program?
Yes — this is a non-negotiable part of our program. If you do not understand the 12-steps we will provide you with excellent education and guidance. If, however, you are not open to this form of treatment then we are not the right facility for you.
How is Sober Living combined with Outpatient effective?
It creates an extended care treatment environment. With Sober Living's structure and accountability combined with the therapeutic assistance of group, individual and family therapy clients can be safe and sober while trying to reintegrate into work, school, family, and life. It is the most affordable and effective treatment available.