Life-Skills Intensive

Changing a tire, washing dishes, doing laundry, chopping up food

We believe in utilizing every activity of daily living in the therapeutic process. We avoid doing anything for our clients that they are capable of doing for themselves. Empowering and teaching is a cornerstone of our program.

The peaceful residential setting of Fire Sky Ranch allows clients countless opportunities to learn and implement basic life skills often forgotten during active addiction - or possibly never fully developed for various reasons. Regular therapeutic groups focus on the refinement of Life Skills, while daily household responsibilities and peer accountability at the Fire Sky Ranch facility provide ample real-life application of practical everyday skills. In addition, clients will have regular contact with program graduates and community recovery leaders in the community, who will share their experience with practical life skills that helped them find and maintain long-term success.

At Fire Sky Ranch, we aim to help you put your life back together, as we know addiction tends to wreak havoc in most, if not all, areas of a person's life. Becoming an active participant in your environment and treatment is a major part of the process in regaining self-respect and power over the direction in which your life is headed. Following treatment, we not only want you to be drug-free but also on a path towards success in all areas of your life and ready to face inevitable challenges ahead.

Examples of life skills focus areas include:

  • Interpersonal life skills, such as dealing with conflict effectively, controlling your difficult emotions, & having healthy social interactions
  • Use of positive coping skills
  • Following a structured daily routine, including self-preparation for meals, and setting & achieving realistic daily goals
  • Basic personal skills, including proper physical self-care and taking personal responsibility for one's living space