Fire Sky Ranch basement

Our expert staff understands that part of becoming physically, mentally and spiritually fit again is learning how to have fun again. Part of the allure of Fire Sky Ranch lies in the vast number of recreational activities available on our 500 plus acres. We recognize that recreation activities not only allow clients a chance to have fun but also to integrate social skills learned in therapy sessions. Some of the activities we offer include but are not limited to:

Weekly Outings (movies, golf, fishing, go carts, bowling, etc.)

One of the most common fears clients have when entering recovery is that life will be boring without drugs or alcohol. For this reasons we take weekly outings to Lubbock and the surrounding areas focused entirely on having fun. Learning that life can be enjoyable, and that drugs and alcohol are not necessary to have fun is one of the most important lessons clients can learn!

Gym Equipment

Learning to take care of their physical bodies is as important for clients as learning to process new emotions. Exercise speeds the recovery process from the physical toll that long term drug use has on the body. For this reason Fire Sky Ranch is equipped with an in house gym that clients are allowed to use for portions of the day.

Spacious Recreation Area (with foosball, arcade games, and televisions)

Our goal with Fire Sky Ranch was to create a therapeutic environment that was welcoming and not harshly clinical. By creating a recreation area in the sprawling estate, clients are able to unwind from long days by having fun with each other. These recreational offerings not only help clients reduce stress, but also promote a sense of community.

Lunch Outings and Noon Meetings

In many traditional treatment settings the days can get monotonous. When clients are forced to sit through lectures and group therapy without breaks, therapy can become ineffective. In hopes of breaking up daily routines, as well as introducing clients to the Lubbock community we have implemented trips off campus throughout the day.

Almost Daily Outside 12-Step Meetings

While many 12-step groups do bring meetings to treatment centers, clients can be inhibited by not being able to hear experience, strength and hope from a range of persons in recovery. Attendance at outside meetings also allows for clients to obtain sponsors in the 12-step fellowship they choose to work the steps through.

Cookouts with Sober Living and Alumni

At Aspire of Texas, we want to go beyond simply helping our clients stop using drugs and alcohol, we want to help create and grow a recovery community that is able to carry the principles clients learn in treatment long after they leave. In order to strengthen the bonds created in our community we throw monthly events where past alumni, and those currently residing in our sober living houses can come back and share their experience with clients in primary care treatment.