Aspire Therapeutic Approach

Aspire Therapeutic Approach

At Aspire we pride ourselves on taking a very unique therapeutic approach to substance abuse treatment. We believe in:

Educating Our Clients About the Disease of Addiction and Recovery

Understanding addiction and recovery are crucial for long-term success in sobriety. Modern medicine has proven that addiction is a disease of the brain. Educating our clients on the facts of addiction and recovery provides a basis on which sobriety can be built on.

Utilizing Multiple Treatment Interventions to Assist Our Clients in Identifying and Addressing Their Underlying Issues

Instead of choosing one proven method for identifying underlying issues, our team of professionally licensed counselors uses several different approaches. This comprehensive method of treatment gives our clients the best possible opportunity to identify negative behaviors and potential warning signs before they can manifest into a relapse.

Assisting Our Clients to Take Real Action to Bring About Change

Taking action is everything when it comes to recovery. Many times treatment centers only educate clients about the recovery process, and then the real work begins when they leave the facility. We find that this is impractical for long-term success. We work with our clients during their stay at our facilities to action steps and learn about life in recovery through doing, not just thinking. This action helps healthy habits form, as well as serve as an opportunity to identify harmful habits before returning to society.

Use Experiential Treatments and Life-Skills Training to Promote Self-Efficacy

Confidence is a constant struggle in early recovery. For many of our clients, day-to-day life was spent using and manipulating. Starting over and forming a healthy routine is crucial for long-term recovery. Allowing clients to have training in life skills as well as real-world experimental treatments is the cornerstone of confidence buildings. When clients experience successes and failures in a safe, treatment based environment, they return to society better prepared for the challenges and victories that lie ahead.

Blending All of This with 12-Step Recovery

The 12-steps of recovery is a design for living a healthy life. The cornerstone of the 12-steps is bringing healthy and positive moral principles into every area of life. This is difficult in a treatment environment because many times clients are not faced with many real-world situations. This is why we work to create experiential-based treatments that allow our clients to feel both positive and negative emotions and learn how to incorporate the 12-step methodology into their daily lives.

Facilitating Regular Recreational Activities to Allow Clients to Learn to Enjoy Life in Recovery

One of the most common things we hear from new clients is that having fun in recovery seems impossible. This is just not true! To show that life in recovery is not only fulfilling but fun, we plan several recreational outings each month. These off-campus outings include hiking in the beautiful canyons of West Texas, go-karting, paintball and even trips to the movies.

Assist Clients in Developing a New and Positive Support Group

Creating a network of positive influences can be the difference between long-term success in recovery and relapse. By attending outside meetings, hosting fellowship events with alumni, and sponsorship clients are able to create a support system which they can rely on when they are having trouble after they leave inpatient treatment. Healthy friendships built on trust and transparency are a cornerstone of living a happy life in recovery.

Combined, all of this gives an individual the tools needed to change, grow, and be successful after they leave our care.