Psychiatry and Co-Occurring Disorders

We are able to assist clients with psychiatric evaluation medication management with our Psychiatrist. This gives the clients an opportunity to address any co-occurring mental health disorders and receive medication if needed. People with mental health disorders are at a higher risk of developing a substance abuse disorder and often they are left untreated or undiagnosed.

Treatment At An Individual Level

Every person who comes to Aspire of Texas is different. For this reason, we view our clients as individuals, not as an overall population. With this approach, we are able to identify and treat underlying psychiatric disorders. Without first correctly diagnosing and treating co-occurring disorders individuals are not ready to begin the addiction treatment process properly. Once a client is stabilized from any disorders that exist, meaningful therapeutic treatment can begin.

Each and every individual we treat get top quality care. As this is our overall goal, the ongoing treatment of co-occurring disorders, as well as medications prescribed by a psychiatrist (when necessary), are a crucial step in our treatment process. Many times clients have undergone countless relapses and have no confidence in their ability to stay sober because they are unaware that they have an underlying co-occurring disorder. By first treating the underlying potential causes of addictions, a deeper understanding of recovery and therapeutic treatments become more effective than in the past.

Building A Solid Foundation

Addressing co-occurring issues during substance abuse treatment is crucial. Some of the common co-occurring disorders include the following: anxiety disorders, personality disorders, depression, schizophrenia, and posttraumatic stress disorder. We aim to build a solid foundation on which recovery can be built upon. Not treating co-occurring disorders and expecting an individual to stay sober is like attempting to build a house on sand. It will all eventually come crashing down. Here at Aspire Recovery Center, we try to take a holistic approach by treating the whole person and addressing as many areas as we can.