12-Step Completion

A Unique Opportunity To Complete The 12 Steps While In A Supportive Community

Many treatment programs provide clients with a simple introduction to the 12 Steps of recovery. Clients at Fire Sky Ranch will have the unique opportunity to not only be introduced to the 12 Steps but to complete the steps through Step 8 (making a list of those we had harmed) and then beginning those amends in step 9 during their first 30 days of treatment. They will also begin practicing daily steps 10, 11, and 12.

This provides a strong early recovery foundation, and considering the majority of our staff is in long-term recovery and have walked through the Steps themselves, you will not be walking through this journey alone. Attendance at local 12 Step meetings is also a large part of our program - in order to start connections with Lubbock's vast recovery community. This includes meetings at Texas Tech's nationally recognized Center for Collegiate Recovery.

A Multi-Faceted Approach To Addiction Treatment

There are many benefits to being able to complete the 12 steps of recovery while in inpatient treatment. The 12 steps of recovery alongside proper therapeutic treatment creates a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment by addressing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the disease.

Just as traditional therapies can bring up new and difficult to process emotions, the 12 steps is a process of self discovery. Allowing clients to walk through the 12-steps in a supportive and therapeutic community means that when difficult realizations are made, clients are able to process them in a safe environment. Experiencing the 12-steps with the Lubbock recovery community as well as processing emotions with certified addiction counselors allows our clients an opportunity to grow with a level of support that is rarely seen in addiction treatment today.

Treating addiction through only one angle has proven to be in effective that is why at Aspire of Texas we allow our clients to begin a new life in recovery that through traditional, modified and forward-thinking therapies.