12-Step Education

12-Step Model

Addiction Treatment: 12-Step Integration

At Aspire we do extensive 12-step education and step-work. We also facilitate clients getting sponsors, attended meetings, and working all of the steps. We find this work is an extremely successful way to identify an individual's underlying problems, learn new behaviors, and develop a positive peer group for ongoing recovery support.

Our clinical approach links multiple counseling theories, life-skills, spiritual principles, and philosophical ideas to the 12-steps. We believe all of these things work in conjunction to produce personal growth.

The 12-Step model is also proven to be effective, abstinence practices (as supported by 12-Step programs) can account for high levels of what experts call flourishing, which is positive mental health and can contribute to longer-term recovery. In the study, those who maintained abstinence were more likely to flourish in the long-term, with 40.7 percent flourishing after three months (as compared to 9.3 percent languishing) and nearly 40 percent flourishing after 12 months (compared to 12.4 percent languishing). Based on this study, those who abstain altogether from substances – as advised in the 12-Step model – have better mental health outcomes than those who don't abstain.