Career Counseling

Through the process of drug rehab or addiction treatment, individuals will begin to consider how their life will function once they return to society. One of the most common questions clients have, is what their career or work life will look like once they return home.

Some people enter treatment with little to no real world work experience, others enter drug rehab putting a promising career on hold. Both ends of this spectrum experience some level of anxiety about returning or beginning work. This is why Aspire of Texas offers career counseling to all of our clients.

Using Time in Drug Rehab to Go Beyond Just Basic Life Skills

Career counseling allows individuals to develop greater self-awareness and greater understanding of the working world. Through this process of self-discovery the individual can make valuable career, educational, and life decisions.

Sometimes while in treatment individuals will come to realizations about their chosen career paths. While we encourage open mindedness, we also help our clients not make rash decisions in early recovery and explore all possible opportunities in a way which helps the best choices clearly present themselves.

Career Counseling emphasizes career development which is a lifelong process and continually changing. The client gains valuable tools in order to make current and future decisions about their career pursuits.

Addressing Real World Concerns Throughout Treatment

Many treatment centers only focus on emotions and thought patterns when it comes to developing coping skills which help maintain sobriety. While we believe these are invaluable parts of living a successful life in recovery, we also know there is so much more to address.

By adding career counseling into our treatment plans we address a concern which we have found is a major source of confusion and anxiety for our clients. At Aspire of Texas we are committed to expand our curriculum of care beyond what other treatment providers can offer in order to give our clients all the tools they need to succeed once their time at our facilities end.