Our Mission

Aspire Recovery Centers

Aspire is dedicated to assisting addicted individuals and families restore health and a sense of well being and hope in their lives. It is our commitment to provide our clients with affordable individualized, best practice, and effective drug treatment while staying grounded in the principles of 12-step recovery. We believe this can bring about the change necessary to go on to experience a sober and productive life.

In our Vision, every person served receives the required education, therapy, accountability and support to build a foundation for long-term recovery. This vision is an attainable dream. With ample resources and skilled leadership, our Vision is being realized every day in our drug treatment programs.

Core Values of Drug Treatment


Our licensure and accreditation assure stakeholders that thousands of standards for quality are being met. We make sure our stakeholders know of our program's effectiveness. Our stakeholders are: clients and their families, alumni, board of directors, staff, donors, the community, and referring professionals.

Clinical Excellence in Drug Treatment

Staff members continuously review their work to see that it meets the standard of quality and caring we are committed to. Our clients and alumni also provide valuable feedback. We make every effort to incorporate the best practices of addiction treatment. While chemical dependency treatment is not an exact science with proven protocols, a client's total involvement in his own treatment does correlate with demonstrated success.

Client Centered Care

Aspire is client centered. This means that the needs of our clients drive the organization's focus. Clients collaborate with their counselors, family and peers in developing an individualized drug treatment plan. It becomes the blueprint for their success at Aspire and, hopefully, beyond. No single treatment is appropriate for all individuals.


Our goal is to adhere to the highest ethical principles and professional standards. We will model these values in our work and work diligently to avoid actions that are not consistent with our core values. This requires honesty, transparency and accountability at all levels of our organization.

Social Support

The goal is to have the client reintegrate into society. The majority of client's have family members participating in the family education and counseling groups weekly. Clients are given assistance evaluating career or school choices as part of their individualized drug treatment plans.

Spiritual Support

Addiction is manifested physically, emotionally and spiritually. We believe that within each person there is a vision of wholeness, even joy. This is what drugs and alcohol falsely promise to deliver. Most of our clients glimpse this vision. They touch within a natural state of well-being. They find the courage to be themselves.

Community Support

Aspire staff often speak at churches and other community gatherings to help people understand the disease of addiction and the process of recovery.