EMDR Trauma Therapy

EMDR: Reduction Of Trauma Symptoms Through Reprocessing

Many individuals seeking sobriety have experienced traumatic life events. These past traumas can manifest in several symptoms including panic attacks and anxiety disorders. Often times past traumas and associated disorders such as PTSD can hinder an individual's ability to achieve long term recovery. For this reason Aspire of Texas offers the groundbreaking trauma therapy, EMDR.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is a psychotherapy used to help clients who have dealt with traumatic life events. People can find relief from the symptoms and emotional consequences of a traumatic experience. EMDR allows the brain to heal from the painful experience by reducing the blockage and imbalance caused by the trauma. Research has shown that this form of treatment can significantly reduce trauma symptoms.

Trauma Therapy: Desensitization In A Safe Environment

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing works through bilateral stimulation of the brain. This stimulation allows for clients to reprocess traumas in a safe environment with a licensed mental health counselor. Through reprocess traumas, individuals are able to become desensitized to their traumas, and in turn associated symptoms are reduced.

Trauma serves as a major roadblock to long term recovery for many. When trauma therapies are practiced in addition to traditional addiction treatments, individuals are able to achieve their goal of long term recovery.

Effective Trauma Therapy Increases Likelihood Of Long Term Recovery

At Aspire of Texas we believe in a full spectrum approach to addiction treatment. This includes treatment of trauma induced symptoms as well as treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders. When an individual is able to begin healing from damage caused by traumas and be stabilized from co-occurring mental health disorders, treatment of addiction can begin.

In practicing this model of treatment our clients have been able to move past their traumas and addictions and begin happy, success livings as active members of society.