Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy: Recognizing Irrational Thought Patterns

Rational emotive behavior therapy significantly influenced the development of cognitive behavior therapy and it describes how our thinking leads to certain feelings and behaviors. The client is able to identify how their irrational thought patterns contribute to unhealthy emotions and behaviors. The goal is for the client to identify and dispute their irrational thinking in order to experience healthier emotions and behaviors.

Interpersonal Drug Treatment: Learning Personal Responsibility

Rational emotive behavior therapy is different from other therapies as it helps the client understand that they are responsible for their own disturbed thought patterns. This helps clients realize that they also have the power to change the way they think. Changing thought patterns is the beginning of changing unhealthy emotions and reactions. Rational emotive behavior therapy is crucial to long term recovery as it helps clients understand what they have control over and to not play the victim or fall into old behaviors.

Rational emotive behavior therapy is effective in clients who do not suffer from psychiatric disorders which cause disturbed thoughts. Before REBT is a viable option, clients must undergo a psychiatric exam to diagnosis and treat any pre-existing mental disorders. Once a client is stabilized from pre-existing conditions and drug detoxification, REBT can begin in order to treat disturbing thoughts from a therapeutic paradigm.

Interpersonal Drug Treatment: Empowerment Through Responsibility

The results from rational emotive behavior therapy are often profound. For many, thoughts and mental processes are viewed as something out of our control. The knowledge that thoughts and emotions can be controlled and changed is enlightening. This knowledge is then supplemented with techniques for recognizing irrational thought patterns as well as techniques on how to change them. REBT is most effective when paired with other therapies such as Dialectical behavior therapy. For this reason Aspire of Texas is proud to offer several of the most effective therapies for substance use disorder and the associated treatment of process addictions.