Fire Sky Ranch for Men

Men's Residential Recovery Program


Men at Fire Sky Ranch receive counseling at the Aspire counseling center. Our counselors have years of experience and mostly have at least a master's degree. Our clients also receive Psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and case management.

Community Integration

Our program aims to deinstitutionalize this experience. Therefore we have separated the clinical services and our life-skills, recovery, and recreational programs. Clients are able to reside in a home-like environment (with 24/7 supportive staff supervision) and attend counseling at our clinical center off site. This approach empowers clients and allows them to experience a higher level of self-efficacy in maintaining a home and their recovery outside of a clinical environment. Clients also report that they thoroughly enjoy staying active.

Exposure to the Community

This model also allows our clients to experience real-life situations daily while being surrounded with support. This will desensitize clients to fears they have about leaving a structured environment and make the transition much smoother when the program is completed.

Regular Activities

Our clients are not completely restricted from phones, TV, and computers. They are allowed access based on progress much more than any other programs. We believe that teaching them how to use technology is much better than taking it away. Balance is a cornerstone of our philosophy.