Men & Women

Aspire's Approach to Gender

Research has indicated both needs for gender integrated and gender specific modalities of substance abuse treatment. Due to the complexity of these issues Aspire has developed specific programming to promote the maximum effectiveness of treatment.

All residential settings are separated based on gender. No program houses both men and women in the same facility. All programming and staff in our Sober Living are gender specific. We recognize that this absence of distractions, sexual tension, and the ability to feel relaxed and be yourself is critical in the healing process. It also helps facilitate the development of a new peer group based on support and friendship.

We do, however, also recognize how critical it is to teach our clients how to interact in a healthy productive manner with the opposite gender. We find that neglecting to address this in a clinical setting promotes secretive unhealthy interactions that can undermine the treatment process.

We strategically integrate certain psycho-educational groups to measure and observe interactions as well as teach about healthy relationships, communication skills, codependency and healthy intimacy. These life skills are vital to healing and long-term recovery. Observing our clients interact with the opposite gender in a controlled setting can reveal important issues that need to be addressed in individual therapy. Our experience has shown that 100% gender specific programs often fail to see this relevant information because the environment is so protected that the client does not have the opportunity to act out on unhealthy behaviors that are still present.

All therapeutic groups that could be counterproductive in a coed setting are separated by gender. We call this modality of treatment "Gender Sensitive" and find it to be extremely effective.