Monarch Place Level System

Level I: Intensive

  • Participate in evening Partial Hospitalization (PHP) for 2-4 weeks based on need and progress.
  • Assessment by Psychiatrist
  • Daily 12-step meeting attendance
  • Restricted from pass
  • Participate in mentor system and remain accountable to peers
  • Complete steps 1-5
  • Begin searching for employment
  • No vehicle
  • Phone privilege is determined by staff

Level II: Moderate

  • Participate in Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for 6-10 weeks based on need and progress.
  • 4 12-step meetings weekly
  • Eligible for pass
  • Is able to leave the facility with friends other than Monarch Peers or sponsor
  • Completes steps 1-9
  • Is able to maintain employment

Level III: Supportive

  • Resides in Monarch Sober Living
  • Participates in individual counseling and Aftercare meetings weekly if needed.
  • 3 meetings required weekly
  • Eligible for overnight and weekend passes
  • Eligible for extended curfews
  • Mentors new Monarch Place clients
  • Continues steps 10-12 and sponsors
  • Continues to work and/or attend school