Modified Therapeutic Community

Encouraging Lasting Change Through Action

Modified aspects of the Therapeutic Community model aid in creating a supportive recovery environment bringing staff and clients alike into active roles in the addiction treatment process. When clients become actively engaged with the their treatment plan, they are able to see encouraging growth first hand. This inspires hope and a belief that they can change their lives. Internalizing these feelings is crucial for long term success in recovery, and transition back to day-to-day life.

The modified therapeutic community model helps clients to begin expecting and accepting responsibility through participating in peer accountability experiences while the gradually increasing levels of independence leads to the eventual rebuilding of one's self-concept and self-esteem. While living in active addiction, individuals develop a warped self concept which is formed primarily through shame and guilt. Through accepting the new responsibilities outlined in the modified therapeutic community model, this shame and guilt is replaced with confidence, compassion and self realization.

Resilience Through Discovering Self-Efficacy

These aspects are also vital to increasing resilience and self-efficacy through experiential opportunities like leadership, peer accountability, and performing tasks related to maintaining a home. While many of these tasks can seem trivial to the outside world, when first entering recovery, even the most common of tasks can seem foreign. Through life skills education, and a community that is rooted in accountability our clients are able to grow accustomed to day-to-day tasks that are crucial to a successful life before ever leaving treatment.

Recovery starts will small steps. If clients are able to create a healthy routine before leaving treatment, their chances for success upon leaving are greatly increased. The tiniest steps such as making their beds in the morning to cleaning off dishes after eating can create positive momentum that is carried into more important aspects of treatment. Getting sober can be like restarting life entirely for many, and at Aspire of Texas we want nothing more than for our clients to feel encouraged and excited with their new grasp on life.